Joe Thomas Profile

In 2000, Joe Thomas became the bass fishing expert for a new television network based in Temecula, California. That network, Outdoor Channel, is today seen by close to 40 million subscribers nationwide. Thomas would host his first ever television series on Outdoor Channel in 2002, the aptly named Angler on Tour. Now, viewers would get an unprecedented look at life on the pro tournament trail in a way they were never able to do before.

As Outdoor Channel grew, so did Joe Thomas’ involvement with the network. In 2005, a new concept developed by Thomas and his production company was added to the network roster. The series, Ultimate Match Fishing, has become one of the top rated fishing programs on the network and has been hosted by Thomas since it’s inception. In 2007, Thomas’ other television series, Stihl’s Reel in the Outdoors, joined Ultimate Match Fishing as an anchor of the Outdoor Channel’s prime time Friday Night Fishing block. And now, Joe Thomas has evolved his love of big game archery hunting into a hosting role with Knight and Hale and Summit’s High Places.

As a spokesperson, Joe Thomas pioneered the move toward non-endemic sponsorships, or sponsors not normally associated with fishing and the marine industry. In the late 1980’s, Thomas began representing Stihl Power Equipment, makers of the number one selling brand of chainsaws worldwide. Since then, Thomas has added numerous corporations such as Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), American Modern Insurance Group, The Outdoor Channel, Browning Eyewear and a host of others. The key for Joe Thomas has always been and continues to be credibility. It’s his high level of credibility that continues to attract companies both large and small to seek out Joe Thomas as a representative of their product or service.

Today, Joe Thomas continues to fish competitively at the highest level on the FLW Tour. In addition, you’ll find him at over 30 personal appearances ranging from travel, sport and boat shows to kid’s fishing events nationwide. Joe’s Outdoor Channel truck and boat are easily among the most identifiable rigs on the road. And as a husband and father, Joe Thomas always finds time to spend with his wife Diane and three children,
Ryan, Reanna and Gracelyn on his Ohio farm. To contact Joe, email him at
or visit his Facebook page at

The Outdoor Channel, Ranger Boats, Evinrude Outboards,
Stihl Power Tools, Lucky Craft Lures, 
Parallelium Advanced Fishing Lines, Boomerang Tools,
Snag Proof Lures, Arkie Lures,
Dixie Marine, Kerry Automotive.

Few sports are as uniquely American as tournament bass fishing. And in the four  decades since bass B.A.S.S. founder Ray Scott decided to bring together some of his fellow bass anglers to vie for a cash prize, only a few anglers have been able to transcend their professional status as a tournament pro into success as a television personality, author, spokesperson and ambassador of the sport.

Meet Joe Thomas. Professional bass angler; television series host; author,
spokesperson and fishing enthusiast. As a tournament pro, Thomas has fished at the
highest level of the sport for close to 27 years. After his victory in the prestigious All-
American Championship, Joe Thomas joined with legendary outdoor writer Tim Tucker to pen what would become the definitive look at the life of a professional bass angler. The book, entitled “Diary of a Bass Pro”, would become the beginning of journey for Joe Thomas that would include much more than the rod and reel.